Age Before Beauty – BBC1

Lorelei tries to win Wes' heart, and Bel's head is being turned by Teddy. Meanwhile, Leanne takes up a new role as an anti-ageing guru

Bel’s plan to get revenge on personal trainer Lorelei hits a stumbling block tonight when Wes’ lover realises that her client ‘Sheila’ is actually Bel in disguise.

Meanwhile, Teddy (Robson Green, above) cooks up a scheme to split up Bel and Wes so he can have Bel all for himself gathers pace when he and Bel share a kiss.

“I am not a sinister person, so I have never come close to doing things like Teddy does in this series,” explains Robson, who plays him.

“He has sown seeds which are going to be so destructive.”

“You just have to wait for the explosion of collective emotional trauma to happen.”

You can trust Leanne to lighten the moment, though, when she becomes a self-proclaimed anti-ageing guru and launches her miracle product at a beauty fair.

Trouble is, she hasn’t got any further than designing the packaging…

TV Times rating: ****