Eva is determined to go ahead with her final act of revenge against Aidan, so the wind is well and truly taken out of her sails when a contrite Aidan seeks her out on the morning of the wedding to confess his affair!

Michelle invites a thrilled Will to be her plus one to the wedding but he is furious when he follows her to the prison and realises she is visiting Robert. Later, Michelle returns to her car and is upset to find a white rose, her symbol for Ruairi, on the car bonnet.

Norris and Mary arrive at the radio station for the Mr & Mrs competition and Colin from Marketing heads over and having discovered that Norris runs a newsagents, makes a huge fuss of them, insisting they’ve got so much in common. Colin calls the contestants together for a photo shoot and insists Norris and Mary take centre stage. What’s he up to?

A vulnerable Rita admits she is terrified.