Johnny warns Robert that he knows about his fling with Carla and suggests he should scarper. Meanwhile, Aidan and Eva arrive at the O’Driscolls’ and Aidan desperately tries to get hold of Johnny, blaming himself for Carla’s fateful night with Robert as she was reacting to the news that he’s her Dad.

When Aidan and Eva arrive home a teenage girl, Marta, quietly slips out of the back of the van, while Aidan berates Johnny for failing to show up at the O’Driscolls’ and letting him down again.  

Sally lays into Jenny, Rita and Kate for upsetting Sophie. Meanwhile, Rita approaches Aidan about jobs for Jenny at the factory and he offers her a trial as the cleaner.

As Tyrone pores over the household accounts, Fiz switches off the heating and insists they wear an extra jumper instead.

Anna’s unnerved by Phelan when she and Kevin arrive for dinner at the Bistro. At Dev’s request, Erica tries to speak to Mary, but only makes matters worse.