Eva’s stomach turns as the reality kicks in that Aidan and Maria are having an affair. She sees a blue cross, indicating positive on the pregnancy test, and does another to double check. Aidan sits Eva down, finally ready to dump her for Maria, but Eva has a bombshell of her own!

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Nicola, Phelan and Seb arrive in Liverpool. But when Phelan starts to press her for details of her parents, Nicola suggests they head home. Why is Phelan digging? Eileen quizzes Phelan about his day and knows he’s lying to her.

Hearing about her Michelle’s new partner Robert, Will admits to a pang of jealousy. Robert’s alarmed when Rich turns up in the Bistro. While Daniel distracts Michelle, Robert throws Rich out, but fears he’s not seen the last of him.

Erica thanks Kevin for babysitting and it’s clear there’s a spark between them. Daniel reveals to Michelle and Robert that he only passed his degree with a 2:2 so Oxford’s out of the question.