Aidan hides fear as he starts the tests to prepare him for the kidney donation

Will Aidan pull out when he realises the risks that come with helping his sister?

With Carla needing the operation as soon as possible Aidan starts the tests to prepare him for the kidney donation.

Eva is caught out when both Adam and Leanne want to spoil her for her birthday. Leanne presents her with a new dress whilst Adam wants to take her to the new sushi restaurant in town. Worried she tells Toyah she can’t eat sushi and Toyah confides there is worse to come, Leanne wants to throw her a boozy party.

Faye is shocked to find a prescription for Seb in Gary’s pocket and Phelan overhears her booking a cab to take her to Nicola’s flat. Faye arrives at the flat and is stunned to hear Seb on the intercom. Phelan arrives behind her and jams the door with his foot – is the game up?

Angry Zeedan tells Leanne to mind her own business. Sally is shocked when Tim offers Steve first refusal on his share of Streetcars so he has money to get Faye away from Weatherfield. Determined to look after Billy without Adam’s help, Summer misses Amy’s party to stay at home with him.

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