As Eva and Maria settle down to a drink in the hotel bar, they’re surprised by the arrival of Aidan. When Leanne finds out from David that Maria and Eva have gone to a spa hotel together, she sets off in hot pursuit, resolving that Eva’s right to want revenge on love rat Aidan and she’ll help her all she can.

As Todd and Billy head out of church, Todd spots one of Adam’s new business cards incorporating his name. While Todd looks round Adam’s new office, Adam’s first client arrives. Todd is stunned to realise it’s Summer. What does she want? Meanwhile, Todd agrees to go into business with Adam.

Robert lures Rich to a car park and says he wants to buy some coke, but what is his game?

Jenny’s gutted to discover Johnny simply forgot to cancel the wedding invitation order and it wasn’t a ploy to win her back. Egged on by Gemma, Jenny calls Matthew and arranges to meet him for a drink.