Aidan Maguire puts his plan into action!

It's the day of Aidan Maguire's job and the gang get into position but will it go as planned or will things end badly for Phil, Vincent, Mick and Keanu? * hour-long special *

Aidan puts the gang on the alert on the day of the ‘job’. After gathering Phil, Vincent and Mick to go through the plan, he tells them to go about their day but be ready for his signal. When Shirley clocks that Mick’s got involved in something dodgy, she’s determined not to let him go through with the plan. But can she stop him? Sharon is also suss that Phil’s up to something but decides to keep her peace when he assures her that everything is fine. Meanwhile, over at the Taylors’, Bernadette is concerned about a clearly nervy Keanu.

Aidan gets the go ahead from his associate and sends the signal to his men that the job is on. When Mick doesn’t turn up, a furious Aidan storms over The Vic, clutching a gun… Arriving at the pub, Aidan is frustrated when Shirley plays innocent over Mick’s whereabouts. What she doesn’t know is that Mick is now on his way to meet the gang…

As Mick makes his mark just in time, the job gets underway. Shirley is panicking about Mick, however, and tells Linda they need to find him asap! The ladies manage to find Mick and the gang but just as they reach them, the job starts to fall apart. Will it all go disastrously wrong?

Meanwhile, Masood arrives in the Square with his aunty Mariam and uncle Arshad in tow and assures them that Walford is a lovely place to live! Over at the café, Kathy hosts a ‘tea party’ for the ladies of the Square.