Aidan punches Johnny!

In an attempt to calm Aidan down, Eva tells him how she too only found out Leanne was her sister in later life. Promising Aidan and Kate that he always loved their mother, Johnny begs their forgiveness. But Aidan sees red and punches Johnny, while Kate tells him it would be best if he found somewhere else to live.

Roy drops the theatre tickets Cathy bought him for Christmas in the bin. Determined to try and put things right, Nessa secretly retrieves them and she and Ken attempt to persuade Cathy to give Roy a second chance. Clearly hurt, Cathy orders Nessa to get out of her sight.

When Joanne turns up at the garage, Kevin paints on a smile. Later, he admits to Anna he doesn’t fancy Joanne but doesn’t know how to let her down gently. Determined to see her rival off, Anna comes to his rescue.

Mary melts when Brendan tells her he’s never been so happy since she became his girlfriend. Dev’s annoyed when Mary announces she can no longer babysit as she needs to prepare for a date.