Aidan makes a sacrifice as the family gather around Carla’s bedside

Johnny is touched when he discovers Aidan is donating a kidney to Carla

As the family gather round Carla’s hospital bed Johnny is shocked to have been kept in the dark but stunned and grateful to discover Aidan is planning to donate a kidney to his sister.

Yasmeen points out to Zeedan that cashing in on Rana’s affair is not going to make him happy in the long run.

Phelan tells Steph that if she finds Andy can she put him in touch with him as they have unfinished business. Meanwhile Phelan is suspicious of Nicola’s bid to stop him coming into her flat for a coffee.

Gemma is chuffed to hear how Chesney stood up for her. Adam offers Billy more painkillers and in a bid to make himself indispensable he does the laundry for Billy and Summer. Summer is worried social services may think they can’t cope.

Second episode of the evening.