Aidan sees Maria and Adam Barlow kiss!

Maria takes comfort in Adam Barlow as a jealous Aidan Connor looks on in Coronation Street

As Maria arrives in the hotel bar, she’s put out to find Aidan drinking champagne with Eva. Quickly covering, Maria makes out she’s meeting a friend, but Eva insists she joins them. With Eva out of earshot, Maria tears a strip off Aidan and slaps him, before storming out. Will Maria have more luck when she bumps into Adam Barlow back on the Street…

Will Mary tell the truth when Erica tries to question her about the contents of her ring binder?

Daniel finally admits to Peter that he hasn’t heard from Denise since she left six years ago. Peter’s perplexed, wondering why Daniel never reported Denise’s disappearance to the police. But Daniel is defensive.

Nessa flirts with Brian and offers him a swig of her duty free booze. Kate invites Alya for a drink, where she has a proposition for her.