Aidan threatens Adam in Corrie

The feud between Adam and Aidan gets worse in Coronation Street...

Toyah warns Eva to watch her back with Maria as she’s got form for stealing other people’s boyfriends. Meanwhile, Aidan locks horns with Jenny in the factory. Alone, Johnny tells Aidan about Adam’s threat to take the business off them, before warning Aidan to stop messing with other women behind Eva’s back, neither of them sees Jenny enter – what’s she heard?

Later, Aidan shoves Adam up against a wall, telling him he’ll do everything within his power to stop him getting his hands on the factory.

David tells Sarah how Shona returned his wallet and even replaced his cash. Having overheard their exchange, Billy tracks Shona down and cajoles her into coming home with him. What will Todd say about Billy’s new friend?

When Roy quizzes Sally about her knowledge of Eric, it becomes clear she knows nothing about him…

Phelan calls in the bistro and having shown Andy one of Steph’s bracelets, explains that he has keys to the builder’s yard flat and that unless he plays ball, anything could happen to Steph.