Aiden comes on to Marcus!

It’s frosty between Sean and Marcus after last night’s row and when Violet cancels Dylan’s visit their moods worsen. Tensions rising, Marcus heads into town with Aiden for a drink. But when Aiden comes on to him Marcus knows it’s a mistake.

Eva and Stella are shocked as Leanne reveals she is with Nick. Eva’s furious and insists either Leanne moves out or she will. With all eyes on her Stella is forced to ask Leanne to leave. As she pack her bags and heads for Nick’s, Stella asks if she’s sure she loves Nick. Leanne’s not sure, but she followed her heart with Peter and had it broken. This time she’s decided to follow her head and she knows Nick won’t hurt her. Stella thinks it’s a recipe for disaster, but Leanne won’t listen.

Meanwhile, when Eva tells Peter the news he storms over to the Bistro to find Leanne and Simon with Nick. As he lays into Nick Leanne refuses to change her mind.

Mary’s keen to attend another dance class, but Norris is desperate to put her off, explaining to Emily that she’s a terrible dancer. But Norris is unable to let her down gently and deeply offends Mary.

Also, Eva orders Sunita around at the Rovers as she does her best to force her to quit.