Aidan and Maria kiss in Corrie!

A drunken Maria Connor and Aidan take comfort in each other in Corrie

Caz suggests she and Maria could go to a concert together but after her spat with Luke, Maria wants a night in alone. Later, Aidan calls at Maria’s flat and explains how he visited his mum’s grave today but was constantly bombarded by texts from Eva. When Eva hears that Aidan was visiting his Mum’s grave, she’s mortified, realising that’s why he was ignoring her texts. Getting stuck into the wine, Maria and Aidan are soon kissing passionately. But as they pull their clothes back on, Caz returns to the flat.

After a successful speed dating night, Robert suggests a celebratory drink with Leanne but Nick makes a waspish remark about mixing business with pleasure. As Nick and Leanne head home, Nick begs Leanne to reconsider and give their relationship another go.

With her party in full swing, Izzy tells Beth how good it is to be home. Having seen the last of their guests out, Gary reluctantly follows as Izzy leads him to the bedroom.

Rita’s impressed that Gemma’s joined the Good Neighbour Scheme. Phelan upsets Michael and Gail assumes it means he still holds a torch for Eileen.