Aisle be damned: It’s Faye and Joseph’s wedding!

It’s Faye and Joseph’s wedding and the happy couple swear it will be the day to end all secrets. But, by the end, the pair have even more to hide! Faye is thrown when she sees her parents are at the ceremony as she has cut off contact with them for 12 years.

Faye is hurt when her father snubs her at the party after, and seeks solace in the arms of Linden. When the pair kiss, Faye realises she has made a mistake and that it’s Joseph she loves. But can their marriage survive another betrayal?

Joseph is also thrown off kilter when his old flame tells him she betrayed him with his brother Harry. He is more horrified that Sophia knew all along. Why didn’t she tell Joseph the truth?

Meanwhile, Jac struggles with her emotions at work and takes out her frustrations on the new interns, especially brother and sister Penny and Oliver Valentine. Later, she tries to text Joseph in a last bid to win him back. But when he doesn’t reply, she drowns her sorrows in the hospital bar.