In the wake of the news about his grandmother, Ajay goes to Karl and Susan to ask them to take Rani in. Meanwhile, Rani struggles to understand why Ajay won’t take her to India. She confronts Ajay, correctly guessing that he is trying to protect her by leaving her in Erinsborough, and pleads with him to reconsider. Ajay finally agrees to her joining him for the trip back to India, and Rani is left to make a heartfelt goodbye to Bailey. Karl and Susan settle in for a quiet night they receive a bombshell in a phonecall from Izzy; Karl’s daughter Holly is coming to stay.

Frustrated at being relegated to gofer work around the garage, Mason tries putting his concerns to Lucas, without much success. Growing more frustrated by the slow speed of the car repair, Mason’s discontent only balloons as he’s sent on an after-hours errand for the garage. But hearing of his unhappiness, and driven by the feeling that he is losing his niece, Paul hatches a plan to kill two birds with one stone and offers Mason a job at Lassiters with good career prospects.

With Ajay’s departure, Georgia’s first gig with The Right Prescription suddenly shifts to become an acoustic set of all Karl’s original numbers – which is not exactly Georgia’s idea of fun.