Ajay asks Susan to back off

Believing his wife’s time is being taken up dealing with Susan’s problems, Ajay takes it upon himself to talk to Susan and ask her to give Priya some space. Taken aback, Susan arranges to talk to Priya, who’s very troubled and eventually opens up to her, revealing her affair. A stunned Susan advises her to work on her issues with Ajay or leave him. What will Priya decide?

A humiliated Summer returns home to sympathy from Karl and Tash who both recommend she asks Susan for her job back. Summer is hesitant but decides to apologise to her ex-boss anyway. Susan offers her job back straight away but Summer soon realises that this isn’t for her. Bradley was right – she needs to broaden her horizons and she resigns again. She’s going to travel and get the life experience she needs to be the best journalist she can be.

Georgia arranges a blind date for Karl, but he’s thrown when he discovers it’s with one of his patients, Barbara. Unfortunately, hypochondriac Barbara spends their date telling him of her ailments and Karl quickly gives Tash the signal to get him out of his date early.