Ajay breaks the news of his resignation to Rani and reassures her everything’s fine, including their financial situation. Later, Rani discusses the matter with Sophie and Priya overhears. When Ajay returns she questions his decision but Ajay insists it’s his choice and has nothing to do with her. After all, he’s not working to look after her any more. Will Priya ever regain her husband’s trust?

Baby Patrick is not responding well to medication and Vanessa’s feeling the stress. Rhys tries to get her to take a break and she reluctantly agrees but his attempts to get her to talk about their future fall on deaf ears as she can’t stop worrying about her son. Later, she realises that she can’t give Rhys what he needs and hands his ring back – she’s breaking off their engagement to concentrate on baby Patrick.

Toadie’s taken the afternoon off to look after Nell but Charlotte needs him to come in to handle one of Ajay’s big meetings. He has no choice – Nell’s coming in with him. The important client has a reputation for being bad tempered, but is won over by Nell’s charm and the meeting ends successfully for Toadie.