Ajay’s pleased to see that Rani’s coping well after the family turmoil she’s gone through but then he notices the anger she feels towards her mother and decides to do something about it. After talking to Toadie he puts Rani’s interests ahead of his own and invites Priya back home, stressing this is for their daughter – he wants nothing to do with her. Priya jumps at the chance, hoping it’ll lead to reconciliation, but when Ajay tells Rani, she’s hates the idea, swearing she’ll never live in the same house as her mother.

Meanwhile, Susan confronts Carmel who soon comes out with the truth about her move on Karl. Furious that she’s lied to her, Susan asks her to leave and Carmel fears she’s ruined their relationship for good. Karl notices Carmel’s distress, however, and convinces Susan to forgive her sister. After hearing what she has to say, Susan sympathises and the sisters make up.

And Karl tries to help Summer brush up on her French and she asks why he’s taking it all to seriously. Karl has to admit he’s struggling to let her go.