A devastated Ajay is further shocked to discover Priya’s affair with Paul wasn’t a one-off and his anger boils over into a punch when he encounters Paul on the street. Susan puts two and two together when she meets Paul later and, seeing Priya is sleeping in her office, offers her a place to stay.

Priya, however, won’t give up on her marriage and resolves to make her stay at Susan’s a short one. Meanwhile, Ajay learns that the reason for his wife’s affair was because she was unhappy with him, something he struggles to understand. Will they ever be able to come back from this?

Andrew and Tash are determined to ignore their mutual attraction for the sake of their friendship but the chemistry between them is too much and they can’t keep their hands off each other. However, realising the impact their relationship could have on their friendship with Summer, they agree to keep things secret for now.