Ajay’s going after Paul

Fearing Ajay’s threats, Paul frantically tries to protect his business. He finds however that his liability insurance doesn’t cover him should the police investigation find Lassiters is at fault. Meanwhile, Ajay persuades Toadie to take on his negligence case against Paul, even though his friend advises him to wait until the investigation is complete.

Callum, believing that Paul saved his life on the day of the wedding, tries to dissuade his dad from prosecuting the case but Toadie insists he must help Ajay. He’s ultimately foiled, however, when his company refuses to let him handle the case, leaving Ajay determined to prosecute it himself, despite the lack of evidence. Is his need for revenge clouding his judgement?

Sheila finds the $10,000 hidden in the garden gnome and decides to treat herself to a stone birdbath. She ropes Bailey into helping her get it into the garden where he sees the gnome. He notifies Mason and the brothers try to retrieve it, only to get caught by Sheila who insists they tell her where they got the money.

And Amber fears she may be pregnant but keeps her worries to herself. When she’s clearly not able to concentrate on her tutoring work, however, Kate manages to get her to confide in her. She persuades Amber to take a pregnancy test and keeps Mason and Bailey distracted until their sister emerges with the result – she’s not pregnant!