Ajay offers to take on one of Toadie’s cases to free him up but Toadie is reticent as it’s a divorce case in which the husband has had an affair. Ajay insists he can deal with it until he meets with the client – who he finds utterly repulsive – and walks out on him. Charlotte is furious and learns from Priya that they’ve been having marital problems. Later, Ajay meets with his boss and apologises but he’s made his decision – he’s resigning to spend more time with his daughter!

Aidan tries to convince Chris that he can be more open with him and asks him to move in with him to prove his commitment. Chris promises to think about it but ultimately decides it wouldn’t solve the main problem. He meets with Aidan and gives his keys back – their relationship is over.

Callum believes baby Nell can lift Rani’s spirits and pretends to be inept at dealing with babies so that his friend will come over and help him. The ploy seems to work at first but Rani eventually sees through his act, though she eventually appreciates his efforts.