Akono arrives in Letherbridge

Mrs Tembe is getting ready for Akono’s imminent arrival, but is horrified when he arrives early at The Mill. She is keen to steer him away from her colleagues, but Akono insists on meeting everyone.

Meanwhile, Zara drops a bombshell on Daniel when she reveals that she’s planning to have a private scan to find out the sex of their child. Daniel is outraged and isn’t sure he wants to know, but instead of refusing the scan, she says she just won’t tell him…

Elsewhere, Kevin is shocked when Freya tells him that she’s bisexual, but he just manages to antagonise her with his prejudice. Mrs Tembe and Akono walk in on Zara and Daniel having their slanging match then they walk in on Freya and Kevin’s conversation.

Mrs Tembe is appalled that Akono has received such a bad impression of Letherbridge and later apologises for what he’s seen. But he’s enjoyed meeting her colleagues, saying they were kind and welcoming. Akono wants to experience as much as he can in Letherbridge and hopes Mrs Tembe will help.

Also, Heston feels he has been played for a fool, but puts himself in danger when he tries to reassert his authority.