Mrs Tembe has taken the day off to finish Cherry’s cake and Akono asks her for help with a sermon he’s writing. Akono thinks it needs some jokes and as they share some bad jokes, Akono senses the tension between them and leans in, kissing Mrs Tembe. Shocked, she pushes him away saying it is immoral.

Mrs Tembe will find somewhere else for Akono to stay but, in the meantime, they’ll never mention this again. Mrs Tembe makes tea as usual, but Akono has packed his bags – he tells Mrs Tembe that he doesn’t understand why she suppresses her feelings so much. As he leaves he urges her to live a little.

Karen is excited about her new house and is narked by her family’s cynicism. When they reach the house, Karen can’t find the keys, so they have to climb through a window, witnessed by neighbour Cynthia Green. As the Hollinses look around the house, it becomes clear that someone’s called the police.

After dealing with the police, Rob and Karen argue about what they should do with the house. Rob says he thinks the area is snooty just as Cynthia arrives. Karen puts on her best posh voice for Cynthia which annoys Rob even more; Karen tells Cynthia they are moving in.

Rob, Jack and Imogen seem reluctant, but when Cynthia offers to buy the house it only makes Karen more determined to stay; the Hollinses will live in Kingsvale! Surely Rob isn’t going to let his working class pride get in the way of their good fortune?

Kevin and Freya are still at each other’s throats, but Freya wants to say sorry to Cherry, who’s obviously avoiding her. Cherry’s on edge and later confesses to Jimmi she’s furious with Freya – she thought she was a friend.