Al agrees to spy on Franc

Howard is closing in on Franc – Al’s got his credit report and discovers he’s heavily in debt. He’s put a tracker on Fran’s phone and, when he returns it, the surveillance begins. Franc is singing along to the radio in his car, unaware that Al is listening in.

Meanwhile, Valerie is very taken with Franc and decides that he’s burning a candle for her. Emma seeks reassurance from Franc – and receives it in the form of a passionate kiss. Elsewhere, Jimmi apologises to Al for telling him that he saw Franc and Niamh kissing. Al says it’s fine and asks Jimmi if he wants to watch a documentary on Stallar Dynamics with him. Jimmi politely declines.

Also, Rob and Driver are called to find a man stabbed to death and his wife, Marie, claims a stranger broke in and stabbed him. Emma finds Marie’s daughter Katie hiding in the garage and she reveals that her parents have been keeping her prisoner, trying to wean her off heroin. Marie breaks down and confesses that Katie killed Neville but she never meant to hurt him.