Al almost loses a patient

Luke tells Al about his headaches that are driving him nuts but Al’s disinterested and puts it down to a heavy night. But when Al calls Luke, he claims he’s already self-medicated. Al tells Karen to ring an ambulance and, knowing he’s been preoccupied, he apologises to Luke.

Jimmi and Daniel think Mrs Tembe should step into the breach now that Howard has passed away. But she refuses, leaving Jimmi and Daniel with no choice but to bring on the big guns – Heston. Heston tells Mrs Tembe that Daniel told him she felt intimidated about filling Howard’s shoes but, with some praise and a little persuasion, she agrees to take on the role.

Emma gets off the phone to Saskia and is torturing herself over the details of Howard’s death. Eventually, she tells Naimh that Howard walked out on his baby daughter and she wants to find her. Niamh is against the idea and, when Emma finds an address, she steps in and forces Emma to reconsider. Emma breaks down and mourns the loss of not only Howard but their child.