Al and Mo get it on

Al wakes up in bed with Mo. He tries to sneak out but Rob gives him a dressing down – he’s going to be keeping an eye on him. Al confesses to Jimmi that he got lucky. Only one catch – she’s Rob Hollins’s cousin! Later, Rob warns Mo about Al – unfortunately the news that Al is a stalker doesn’t so much scare her off as excite her, and she arranges to see him again that night. Meanwhile, Karen tells Rob that Mo’s a grown woman, she can make her own decisions. The Jimmi pitches up too – Al is a top guy.

Mrs Tembe disguises herself as a frail old woman and lures Hutch to her house, pretending to need some work done. Hutch gives her a quote, and Mrs Tembe is outraged and becomes angry. Hutch sees through her act and threatens her – if she doesn’t keep her nose out of his business, she’ll live to regret it.

Also, Ruhma uncovers an unlikely connection between two first-time mums.