Al and the team play patient bingo

Al devises a game for the doctors to play and when Karen realises they are playing patient bingo she’s initially amused. However, a patient is freaked out when Heston pushes things too far in order to score points. Karen loses it and gives all the doctors a stern talking to. As she describes his state, the doctors realise that the man is suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis and rush to save his life.

Barry lets teenager, Grace, hide out in the office after she explains that she has escaped an arranged marriage in Ghana that her tyrannical father was forcing her into. When Grace’s father John turns up, he accuses Barry of propositioning his daughter. Grace turns on Barry and suggests that her father is right.

Barry has had enough and lets rip at Grace for lying to him. It turns out John has got a professorship in the University of Accra and Grace is just a silly kid making up stories because she doesn’t want to move.