As the staff gather for Al and Valerie’s magic show, Valerie climbs inside a cabinet and Al starts to push swords through it. Suddenly the cabinet collapses and Valerie has disappeared.  But when the staff hear a voice from behind, everyone’s stunned to see Valerie at the back of the room. As the audience give her a rousing ovation, Valerie’s the happiest she’s ever been.

Emma visits an elderly woman, Meredith, who’s adamant that her niece Yasmin wants to put her in a home. But Yasmin reveals she’s worried because Meredith hasn’t left the house in 20 years. Emma tells Yasmin about Meredith’s agoraphobia and, when Yasmin offers to go to Meredith’s house, she gratefully accepts.

When Mrs Tembe asks Anthony to sign off some documents, he tells her to remind him later, much to her frustration. Later, Anthony helps Daniel order new bike parts online and when Mrs Tembe enters with the forms she needed signing earlier, she’s dismayed when he implies that he’s been waiting for her all day.