It is the day of Al’s interview for Letherbridge Life and the journalist phones to say they want to shoot him at home “in his natural habitat”. Al panics and enlists Ayesha and Jimmi’s help to find somewhere that won’t reflect badly on him. Jimmi manages to secure Daniel’s swanky new pad, on one condition: Zara can never know! Inevitably, Daniel’s worst fears are realised when Zara comes home to find Al stretched out on her sofa!

Sid helps a teenage girl who is struggling to come to terms with her parents’ divorce. They have worked so hard to protect her from their constant bickering that they’ve failed to realise what she really needs from them is honesty.

Daniel has good news – Mrs Tembe is definitely coming back. But she’s insistent that they move to a paperless office, starting today! Karen and Valerie moan and groan as they struggle with their new workload but know it’s worth it to see Mrs Tembe again.