Al begins his adventure

Al starts walking from Letherbridge to Erasmus Darwin’s house. He ducks into a pub where he persuades landlady Betty to let him join her quiz. But it isn’t long before he upsets everyone and is escorted off the premises. Furious, he heads round the back and sees Betty choking on a peanut. He saves her life and grins as he records his first video diary update in Betty’s spare bedroom.

As a hostel closes its doors on the homeless, we meet Nic, Shaz, Dave, Cam and Tommy. Cam has a job interview today but he has a rash and heads to The Mill to see Jimmi. Insisting his schizophrenia is under control, Cam accepts some cream and heads out. Later, at the interview, we discover Cam lied to Jimmi.

As Cam heads to the woods alone, the others settle in another outdoor spot where Dave tucks a pregnant Shaz into her sleeping bag. Tommy is watching them thoughtfully from a secret vantage point as he makes a phone call. He’s with them now and no he hasn’t said anything yet!