Al builds bridges with Jimmi

Al takes Jimmi for a pint and tries to broach the subject of bringing up Heather’s baby with tact and diplomacy. He struggles to find a way, drinks more and just blurts out how bizarre he finds the whole thing. Jimmi’s amused and pleased that his pal has stopped behaving so strangely.

With the help of Barry’s improved CCTV system, Rob and Howard link the burglaries to a young couple Denny and Lauren, who are desperately trying to support their baby girl. Through vigorous questioning, Lauren cracks and reveals the true extent of her struggle and how she doesn’t want to be a mother any more. Denny feels as though he’s lost the family he’d been fighting to look after. Rob tries to reassure him that maybe the future isn’t as bleak as it seems at this moment.

Games night wins Ayesha’s approval and gives Niamh an opportunity to challenge Heather on her decision to discount Phil from the baby’s life, but Heather’s not ready to face the bigger picture.