Is Al in danger?

Will Zara's determination to do the right thing have tragic consequences for Al and The Mill staff?

The day of trial has arrived and Zara prepares to take the stand and give her testimony, but will all go to plan in court? Meanwhile, there is panic at The Mill, as graffiti that reads ‘RIP’ is written across the surgery walls. Jimmi goes through the CCTV footage with police, but the culprit has covered his face. Later, a hooded Kyle walks into The Mill with a knife in his pocket. He is given an appointment with Al, who immediately realises something is off with Kyle, but will it be too little, too late?

Finally, Jimmi agrees to help Sid get Heston and Al on board for his Christmas song. How exactly will Jimmi convince his colleagues to get in the festive spirit and will he be successful?