At home, suspended after Rob’s recommendation to Howard yesterday, Al thinks he’s getting a moment of support when Jimmi shows up with a pizza, but Jimmi makes it clear he’s not taking sides – if Al maintains he’s not Jas’s stalker, he needs to prove it. Provoked by this, Al starts behaving with a worrying obsessiveness and re-examines the pictures Rob confronted him with yesterday of Jas topless in her home. Al then builds a scale model of Jas’s house out of Lego and is comparing angles and posting the pictures everywhere, when he eventually has a ‘Eureka!’ moment and dashes out of the house. 

Meanwhile, Jas – who has Mandy staying with her- answers the door, thinking Mandy’s forgotten something, but instead it’s Al. He’s desperately trying to explain that someone’s got a camera inside Jas’s house; that the photos were all taken from inside the room rather than through the window. But Jas isn’t listening and insists that Al leaves before she calls the police. As Al leaves, someone is watching Jas at their computer – someone who’s clearly not Al…

Meanwhile, Heston and Emma’s latest restaurant visit as The Gourmet Couple decends into chaos when their waiter is forced to chase a rat around the kitchen. And Chris is drawn into helping mend a rift between a young gymnast and her overly critical mother, who also acts as her coach.