Al dresses up as Einstein

At The Mill, Al reveals he is dressing as Einstein before eventually being cornered by Mo. He is delighted when she announces she has just been using him for sex and it’s over. Al feigns hurt but, the minute she’s gone, he does a little jig.

Ayesha is worried about Sid and he eventually admits to falling asleep at the wheel yesterday. Ayesha tells him he needs to start looking after himself and he is coming on a double date with her tomorrow night – it will do him good!

Heston’s attempt at bonding with Shak goes horribly wrong and results in Ruhma making Shak apologise, but it’s clear he’s only doing it because he has to. Later, Ruhma starts to cry about her housing situation and Heston struggles to find the right way to console her. Eventually they sit in silence, holding hands – it’s a bittersweet mix of affectionate and awkward.

Also, Daniel learns a valuable lesson in parenting when he meets a troubled couple who are planning a party but have nothing to celebrate.