Al gets competitive

Al is making paper planes and challenges Jimmi to a ‘fly off’ after work. Jimmi takes it on and helps himself to some of The Mill’s new paper. Later, the contest is about to get started when Mrs Tembe suddenly appears with the grandest plane of all and wins by a long shot. Al suggests its beginners luck but Mrs Tembe insists there is no such thing.

Ray is feeling insecure around rich girlfriend Laura and books an appointment at Daniel’s botox clinic. But Laura already sees Daniel for injections – only she doesn’t want Ray to know. Ray’s shocked to see Laura at the clinic but, when they discover some money has gone missing, Laura blames her boyfriend. Ray tells Laura their relationship is over and heads off leaving her to tell Daniel she doesn’t want the botox injections after all. 

Meanwhile, Sid has reached his breaking point and asks Howard if he can change mentor, but Howard says no.