Al gets some sad news…

Al and Jimmi are joking around when Al gets a call to say his aunt Sheila is dead. When Al learns she was being treated for a chronic heart condition and didn’t want her family to know, Al is stunned, hurt and feels guilty about being unable to save her. Jimmi offers to try and contact his parents and call an undertaker while Al starts planning Sheila’s funeral. Al starts digging through Sheila’s record collection before deciding to cook a fry up and Sheila’s speciality chocolate chilli.

Jimmi grows concerned about Al, who eventually explodes and, throwing pans down, starts talking about Sheila’s warmth and big heart. Jimmi leads the undertakers in as Al is picking out a colourful outfit for Sheila. He invites Al to stay at his place for the night but Al declines. Alone finally, Al picks up Sheila’s notebook and reads one of her poems before putting on some music and barking out the lyrics with a glass of whisky – he raises a toast, to Sheila.

Emma uses her ‘faultless’ patient feedback to suggest to Howard that he should offer her a permanent contract but is disappointed when he says he thought it would look good on her CV. Howard then meets with Heston to discuss his own 360 feedback – Heston has fun highlighting Howard’s flaws but when they discuss managers making tough choices and putting one’s needs aside for the greater good, Howard is left thoughtful. Howard seeks out Emma and apologises for being unfair and offers her a permanent contract. But when Emma steps closer towards him he makes it clear that they will be keeping their relationship professional. 

Also, Kevin helps a mother and son struggling to agree on what’s best for the both of them as the mother’s health deteriorates and secrets start to surface.