Al has a homebrew disaster

Al is making homebrew but finds that something has gone wrong and Howard suggests that he speaks to an expert, Barry. Valerie asks if she can come too and Barry is disappointed to find out she’s still with Ashley. Barry uses turbo-yeast to clear the stuck fermentation, which results in an explosion of beer… which prompts Niamh to decide she’s going to move into Emma’s.

Franc is asked to give a second opinion on Jonas, a professional footballer. The chairman of the football club, Brett bribes Franc to get him to sign the insurance form. But when Franc examines Jonas he reveals he’s his almost identical brother, Mathias. Jonas was killed in a terrorist incident and Mathias took his identity.

Andy asks Jimmi to visit Debs and Maxi Lee with him. They advise that they are happy with the care Maxi is getting and recommend that Debs takes him to a Children’s Centre.