Al has a plan

Can Al save his mother from being conned?

Al has come up with a plan to catch the con-artist salesman from the window company, in the hope that he will pay Eve back every penny he took from her. Al plants cameras around the house and talks Eve through his plan. He tells her to act normal and not sign anything. When George the salesman from the window company arrives, things don’t go quite to plan as he’s not pushy in the slightest.

However, it doesn’t take long for George to start manipulating Eve into buying expensive new doors and Al jumps out and reveals their entire conversation has been recorded and has been uploaded to the internet!

With his company on the line, George agrees to pay Eve her money back and Al takes the video down. However, Al is more concerned than ever about Eve’s welfare and makes a suggestion that could turn her life upside down…

Also, Valerie isn’t sure what to do as Ashley keeps texting and calling her. Later, Karen sends Valerie on a lunch run to The Icon, where she bumps into Ashley. Ashley convinces Valerie to sit down and eventually leans in for a kiss. How will Valerie respond?