Al goes to stay in an old country hotel where he is met by Simmonds – the rather odd landlord. At the bar, he meets the Colonel, who chats about the local ruins of a Templar church. He takes a walk up to the local ruins and stumbles across a whistle buried near the church. He re-buries it before leaving, not having noticed that he dropped his phone.

When Al returns to the church to get his phone he picks up the whistle he found earlier. When he returns to his room he blows the whistle and a huge gust of wind blows the door open. Later, the Colonel informs Al that whistles like the type he picked up were used by Templar knights to call for help.

In bed, Al starts having visions before the covers of the second bed move and he is attacked by a ghostly figure. The next morning, the Colonel and Simmonds are nowhere to be seen and Al beats a hasty retreat back to Niamh.