Al annoys Jimmi… again!

Al continues to wind Jimmi up in Doctors

There’s a staff meeting at lunch, and all the doctors attend. Al can’t believe it when Jimmi tells him that he enjoyed himself on the Vita course. The first item on the agenda is upskirting – they have been asked for their opinions on it, and whether they should warn female patients.

Zara then brings up the topic of ‘sex consent packs’ that the University are thinking of introducing, including a card saying ‘we agree to have sex’, for couples to take pictures with beforehand. It receives confused looks from most people. Al asks Jimmi what God would do, and Mrs Tembe accuses him of prejudice. Al tries to apologies to Jimmi – but is it too little too late?

Also, Valerie has to deal with two young people whose views on sexual equality are somewhat different.