Al Haskey tries to get fit

Ayesha, Jimmi and Emma take Al Haskey to a tough boxing class

Valerie returns to the Mill and confides in Karen that Rob told her off about her role in bringing down the agency. Later, Rob reassures Valerie she’s not in trouble, but needs to think before taking the law into her own hands.

Ayesha and Emma reckon Seb, the boxing instructor, is a bit of a hunk. Al and Ayesha pair off, leaving Jimmi and Emma together. Awkward! Ayesha then pairs up with Seb and there’s a bit of chemistry there. After the class they head to the pub where Al orders a pint. Jimmi pulls Al up about his drinking and when the pair argue – Al storms out. Ayesha and Emma go after him, leaving Jimmi on his own.

Rob finds Hannah in the garden but how did she get out the house? Karen is perturbed to hear of Hannah’s escape act and when she finds some flour stashed under Hannah’s bed, Hannah denies that she took it.

Zara is consulted by a student – her boyfriend’s lost interest in sex. It looks like he’s having an affair, but is there more to this case than meets the eye?