Al overhears Franc confessing to Gary that he set the fire and immediately rings Howard with the news. Meanwhile, Gary admits to Daniel that Franc is in his employ. Daniel reports back to Howard and they go round to see Al. He’s all for going to see the police but Howard seeks Rob out. When he hears what they have to tell him he is furious that they have been so stupid.

Mrs Tembe visits Stan, who has recently been widowed and his diabetic friend Arthur joins them. Mrs Tembe suggests that maybe he should move in with Stan and the two men could support each other. After talking to Arthur, Mrs Tembe realises he has feelings for Stan. She encourages the pair to talk and they move in together – but only as friends.

Ayesha meets up with her aunt Tracey and admits that maybe Sierra would be better of living with her. Tracey tells her that she and her husband are looking into fostering. Ayesha feels conflicted and Tracey explains she only wants what’s best for Sierra.