Fi, an old friend of Al, turns up at the surgery to pick up the results of a fertility test. Al does some digging and discovers that her partner Brad is infertile, but hasn’t told her. When Fi finds out and dumps him, Al soon realises that Brad has been having an affair and has been desperate to leave Fi for a while.

Daniel tells Zara that he’s got the details of a Consultant Paediatrian and Zara agrees that she seems ideal for Joe. Later, he asks her if she’d like to go to dinner, and she accepts. However, Zara swiftly tells Daniel that just because she’s agreed to dinner, doesn’t mean she’s going to jump into bed with him!

Howard asks Heston if he’ll consider taking Sid on and he agrees. But when Heston has a consultation with a difficult patient, a confident Sid takes over and Heston tells him he has the makings of a very good doctor. Later, Ayesha’s hopeful Sid will ask her out for a drink but he’s distracted and swans out, feeling really pleased with himself.