Al helps when a student collapses

Todd, has been up all night trying to hack into a website against called ‘CyberInsider’. He asks Al for something to help him stay awake but Al refuses. Arriving at Todd’s house, Al finds him collapsed after overdosing on caffeine. He visits Todd at St Phil’s and shows him that he completed the ‘CyberInsider’ challenge.

Howard accuses Franc of spying for Gary Lucas before reeling off a list of crimes but Franc explains everything away. With embarrassment, Howard finally apologises. Later that day Howard is further humiliated when he comes across Franc and Emma having a laugh at his expense.

When Brian brings Bren in drunk, Niamh kindly offers to take her home. When Ayesha gets home she thanks Niamh but, clearly still embarrassed, snaps at her when she offers to stay and help. As her mum sleeps it off, Ayesha pours out a shot of vodka.