Emma puts herself forward for the vacant partner position, but unaware of this, Jimmi goes for it too. To make matters worse, a confident Al also applies for the position. Suddenly Howard is left with a real conundrum.

Expectant mother, Antonia, says she doesn’t want her partner, Gustav, at the birth. When Ayesha delivers the baby, it’s mixed race and considering the fact that both Gustav and Antonia are white, it means the child isn’t Gustav’s. This explains her reluctance to have him around for the birth but Gustav accepts the child as his own.

Curtis tells Heston he has a pregnant girlfriend who is on lithium due to her bi-polar and he is worried the medication might harm his unborn child. Heston shuts Curtis down and sends him packing – he can’t help him. When Curtis returns reporting that Laverne is getting worse, Heston decides he must help them.