Al is obsessed by Jas on the radio

When Karen tells Kevin and Jas that Howard wants to see them, they freak out that it’s about their accidental stint on the radio last week. It is, but Howard is far from angry; they were popular and he wants them to do a proper show on the uni radio.

Jas and Kevin are relieved, but claim they don’t fancy being DJs. Howard warns them that not doing the show wouldn’t look good at all, them being junior team members. Plus, they could spread medical awareness.

The pair are still reluctant, but are buoyed by the positive reactions their stint received on the forums. Al listens in to all of this and later that day, alone in his office, replays Jas’s voice on the podcast of the show… over and over.

Also, on Emma’s first day at the station since Sam’s death, she becomes embroiled in a complicated domestic abuse case.