Al is taken hostage!

Al goes into his local shop when someone strikes him on the head with a tin of beans – knocking him unconscious. When he comes to, his hands are tied and he is sitting with two other hostages while a young girl, Ellie, brandishes a pair of scissors at them menacingly. The police soon arrive and after Al is taken away, he contemplates the events of the day.

Ayesha, Emma and Niamh discuss Jimmi’s situation since his break-up with Heather and the conversation soon turns to Sid. The mood suddenly darkens when Niamh recalls the incident last year when she was nearly attacked by a strange man. Eventually they get back to discussing the wine again but disaster strikes when Ayesha spills red wine on Emma’s rug.

Zara is surprised when Michael turns up on her doorstep and says he wants to be with her. But when he insults Daniel, Zara asks him to leave.  A short while later, however, he returns and kisses her passionately. Zara stands at the door, stunned, as Michael heads off.