Al lets Naimh down again

Al gets a disappointed Niamh on a computer-programming course as a surprise. When she gets home she teases Al with several photos of her and the course teacher, but Al’s jealousy soon gets the better of him. Irritated, Niamh admits she actually hated her surprise and Al realises he confused her interests with his.

Emma tends to Carl, who’s been sleeping rough. Carl calls his family and his father Mark and stepmother Sara take him home. As they leave, Rob informs Emma that Carl’s sister, Jo, died from a legal high a few months prior. Back at home, Mark starts blaming Carl for his sister’s death and the youngster leaves. Emma finds Carl and he plucks up the courage to tell Mark that Sara supplied the drugs to Carl and Jo. Mark embraces his son and kicks Sara out.

Also, Heston and Howard begin their roommate experience. Howard wants to stay out of Heston’s way – but unbeknownst to each other they both watch The Odd Couple separately, when they could keep each other company.