Al’s doing his best to flirt with Jas, and Zara can’t help but notice – even if Jas is oblivious. Zara asks Jas what she sees in Al – she informs her they’re just friends. Zara then turns her attentions to Al and tells him that women only like winners; men who will step up and make a move. Al thinks about this as he and Jas wait for their dart opponents that night. When they don’t turn up, Al decides this is the night to make his move. 

As the two play a game of pool and joke around, Al chooses his moment. But as he goes in for the kiss, Jas pushes him away. He tells a shocked Jas she’s been flirting with him – Jas informs him she most certainly was not, they’re just mates. Al takes the knockback hard. As he starts to believe he’s now just a big, awkward problem in her life, he leaves.

Rob and Karen go off for their line dancing evening. But while Karen is engrossed, Rob can’t seem to get the knack of it, so nips out for a quick pint. Rob isn’t aware he’s walked into a gay club, and misinterprets the bouncer’s friendliness as just that. Just as an angry Karen turns up, the club’s bouncer thinks Rob is an undercover cop and throws him out. Karen can’t help but laugh at him sitting in a puddle in his cowboy outfit. 

Also, Mandy learns why Belinda won’t help her elderly neighbour with her groceries.