Al makes a stunning discovery about the graffiti

Howard’s surprised to see so many students at the Campus but Mrs Tembe points out they aren’t potential customers – they are hoping to see some graffiti. Jimmi signs some of them up, though, and tells Howard they should be grateful to the artist – this is good for business! Barry assures Howard he’ll remove any future graffiti. When more graffiti appears, Jimmi takes a photo and sends it to Al, who zooms in on it and uncovers something very interesting…

Al shows Howard a tag on the graffiti – it’s been done by a hot new artist whose work can be worth a small fortune! When Howard remembers Barry’s words from earlier, he rushes over to the Campus just as he’s removed the last of the graffiti – there will be no money now. Then the Vice Chancellor calls to say he won’t be backing Howard’s scheme for enrolling new students – from what he’s seen the Campus is doing fine without further investment. Howard’s gutted!

Meanwhile, Karen’s behaving weirdly around Chris after what she witnessed yesterday and tries to confide in Zara who advises her to keep out of it; Chris has been through a lot lately with the anniversary of his dad’s death. Karen heads over the station and tells Jimmi she witnessed Chris provoking a fight yesterday and persuades Jimmi to try and talk to him.

Karen sees Rob talking to DCI Driver and wonders where she knows her from, then suddenly gets a memory and feels a wave of jealousy. When Rob goes off to take a call, Karen storms over and accuses Driver of fancying him and warns her off. Driver points out Rob is a free man now. As the pair drive off to deal with an urgent police matter, Karen’s left feeling jealous to the core – she’s realised she wants Rob just as it seems she might be losing him for ever!

Also, Mandy comes face to face with a flasher and takes an unusual step to help him but things soon escalate beyond her control.